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Are you thinking about setting up your own web site? I have assembled some valuable information on this page that you perhaps will find useful:

  • Transloaders #1 #2: These transloaders allow you to move pictures and web site info from one site to another.

  • Html class #1 class #2 class #3: These html tutorials will show you how to write web pages.

  • Code reader: Is there something wrong with your web site? Why not check out the html code to find the problem.

  • Free web sites: These are some of the places where you can set a web sit for free.

  • Backgrounds: Many beautiful backgrounds are available at this web site for your web page.

  • Free domain names: If you are going to set up a web site having a domain name (.com) will make it easier for people to get to your web site.

  • Banners: This banner site is a great source of fonts for your web site.

  • Free Counter: Would you like to know how many people visited your web site? why not add a counter.

  • Free Guest book: A guest book allows people visiting your web site to sign in and let you know who they are.Get yours free at this site.

  • Image editing: The program available at this web site allows you to edit your photos for that professional look.

  • Free scanning of images: Do you need to put photos on your web site? If you do not have a scanner avoid the costly print shop prices you can get the scanning done for free at this web site.

  • How to copy and paste: This allows you to copy text from one place on a web page to another place on the same or a different web page.

  • Using CGI: CGI will allow your customers to give you the information that you need to process their orders. Many cgi scripts are available at this web site.

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