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Beadwork Unlimited
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Beadwork Unlimited
Beadwork Inspired By Nature

Hello! My name is Marcellus Kitchens and I am the owner of Beadwork Unlimited. Beadwork Unlimited specializes in the making of beaded jewelry. While you may find many different kinds of beadwork on this web site the majority of my work will emphasize beaded bead jewelry.

I have been beading for 7 years. I learned much of what I know from buying and studying beaded jewelry. I have also taken some really great classes. You will see the peyote stitch, the right angle weave, netting,the endebele stitch, beaded crochet and many other techniques that I learned used in my beadwork.

Oddly enough, while it does take many hours to make the jewelry shown on this web site, the real challenge in producing great handmade beaded jewelry is finding just that right bead (the right color, the right shape, the right size) or finding to make the jewelry I make beautiful.

In a world where so much jewelry is mass produced, the emphasis is placed on fine costly materials that are used to make jewelry quickly by machines. We do not seem to have enough time to make things for each other. I believe everyone should have some jewelry in their collection that is handmade something made with love, devotion, and inspiration.

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