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In most of the world religions they speak of how important it is to be grateful for our many blessings. In our busy lives sometimes we forget to be grateful for what we have. We forget to notice how beautiful the sky is or to be thankful for our family and friends.What I have found is when I take the time to be grateful for the things I have and to appreciate the beautiful things all around me that I feel happier. So much of our time is spent thinking about the bad things that are happening or that could happen. I believe that if you take some time every day to think about the good things in your life that you will be happier, healthier and more prosperous!

All my life I have been looking for ways to improve myself. About 2 months ago A friend of mine gave me a copy of "The Secret "to look at. There was much valuable information on the dvd. I studied the dvd over and over. One night I was  listening to the Secret dvd.  On the dvd they spoke about how important it was to be grateful for what we have  and to think about the positve things in our life so we can move in a more positive direction. They told the story of a man who used a simple rock to help him to remember to think about the good thinks in his life and to be grateful for what he had.  While viewing the dvd I was also crafting A a candy wrapper purse. I had already made the body of the purse and was woriking on the top flap.. There were several pieces needed to finish the top flap. There was an outer piece then a piece that fit in it and then there was a piece that fit in it  the very center. As I worked on that central piece I noticed that  it folded back on to itself  and was strong and had a good feeling to it. I found myself playing with it  It was smooth and it had a nice padded feeling to it.   I thought to myself wouldn't this make a great device for people to have so they could remember to be grateful. The piece had 12 segment on it 8 on the outside row and four in the middle. As I was playing with the piece I tried touching each segment  and remembering  something to be grateful for, like my family, my friends my job. my health . I tried to make it at least  all the way around the outer row of the piece. I made it all the way around and I knew that I had taken the time to be grateful for 8 things in my life.
The next day  I put the piece in my pocket every once in a while I might take it out and play with it  and I found myself thinking about the good things in my life as I felt the segments of the piece.
I kept the piece in my pocket and everytime  I toke it out, it helped me to remember to be grateful and to think about positive things that would promote my development. I was thinking about what to call the 12 segment piece  and I decided to call it The Gratitude Circle.