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The Gratitude Circles.Com

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The Gratitude Circle How To Use It.

The gratitiude circle is simply put, a toy! It is a very simple toy that you might want to play with from time to time. Maybe you leave it in your pocket or your purse or on your desk. When you find yourself picking up the gratitude circle try to think of at least one thing your are grateful for. If you want to try to think of eight things you are thankful for, try touching each of the segments of the outer row as you think of the 8 things you are grateful for. If you want to think of 12 things you are grateful for just add the four segments in the middle of the gratitude circle. I also use the gratitude circle for positive afirmations. Sometimes we might have some negative programming that we want to change by thinking of something positive on a regular basis. I also use the gratitude circle to take the time to notice the beautiful and good things all around me.