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The Gratitude Circle, What Is It?

The gratitude circle is made using and old technique for making gum wrapper chains. You might remember those old gum wrapper chains that were so popular when you were a child. That same technique is the basis for making all sorts of things like purses, picture frames lamps and belts. It all starts with simple piece of  paper or a candy wrapper. Each piece is folded until it is 8 to sixteen times as thick and strong as it was before it was folded. This allows for the use of many materials that otherwise could not be used. This is an art that has been developed in many parts of the world where resources are scarce and very expensive. The gratitude circle is simply a  wrapper chain that is folded in such away that it folds back on itself to make a nice complete sturdy item.
The gratitude circle is about 3 inches square and about 1/4 inch thick. It is made out of a very thick paper that has a  layer of  decorative plastic on it. The decorative plastic has beautiful  holographic designs on it. When this paper is properly folded it makes very strong, water resistant (it can be wiped off with a slightly moist cloth but can  not be soaked.) item that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.