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Hello, welcome to the website for the Potato Chip Bag Wallet. For many years I have done crafts using many different kinds of materials. I have worked with cardboard, paper, craft foam and have found problems. I wanted a material that was durable attractive and waterproof. While many such materials exits they are not easily available to the average crafter. About 3-4 mounths ago I started working with duct tape and I was amazed at how strong it was and how beautiful it could be in the hands of a talented crafter. While looking for more information on wallets I ran across some articles about crafting using the juice bags to make wallets and to make purses. I did not have any of the juice bags but I noticed that there was a simular but lighter material(mylar) used in making potato chip bags. I tried using some of them to make wallets and I was very happy with the results. I could find the bags for free all over town! The material was very strong beautiful and duarable.I loved all of the colors and patterns on the bags. I also felt that this is a great way to help the environment by recyling.

Here are some examples of the wallets I have made out of potato chip bags.Gallery#1

On this website I would like to share some things that I have learned and hopefully you will give this great craft material a try. I have just started working on this website so I will add more information for you as I develop the website.


Mylar is a great material to work with it is very strong. I work with all sizes of potato chip bags. The larger the bag the stronger the mylar seems to be. I bsck all of my wallets with clear scotch tape. I began by putting the tape on the back (shiny silver) side of the wallet. However I recently have found that covering the outer surface with the clear storage tape adds to the beauty of the outer surface. Clear storage tape is used to assemble the wallet also when the whole wallet is covered it really gives the wallet a smoother more look. I am currently experimenting with adhesives to see if they can be used to assemble the wallet. If I find one that works well I will post the information here. I have contacted Dupont the maker of mylar and 3m the maker of many adhesives and they could not recommend a good adhesive for mylar. the problem seems to be that the very quality that makes mylar so popular (air tight) is the quality that makes it difficult to find a good adhesive because most adhesives need air to dry properly.


The wallet I used before I made my first mylar wallet was over stuffed and not well organised. The mylar wallet I have now has six card slots and a main pocket for cash. although these wallets are strong, I do not think it would be a good idea to abuse the wallet by over stuffing it or by putting your wallet in your back pocket and sitting on it all day. With proper care I think the mylar wallets should last for quite some time.

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