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This wallet was made from 2 small Herr Potato chip bags.The wallet is backed with clear storage tape which gives it strength and a nice feel. This potato chip bag works up great because the name is at the top of bag also the bag is a little taller than most small potato chip bags.

Most of the wallets I make are made from potato chip bags but the above wallet was made from a shreaded cheese bag. I was suprised to see that the bag works out very well. Not all mylar bags have a shinny silver backing they can also be clear.

The above wallet was made with 2 small Miss Vickie's potato chip bags. The bag has a nice mat finish to it. The wallet is backed with clear storage tape.

The above wallet is made from and Andy Capp potato chip bag. The bag has a nice blue metallic finish. The wallet is covered with clear storage tape.

The Muncho potatochip bag has a beautiful bronze finish to it,again,the images on the front of the bag are well placed for making a wallet. back to page1