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Recently I have discovered the art of weaving with the candy wrappers and potato chip bags.These bags come under the general categories of prison art, candy wrapper,gum wrapper and tramp art. Today many beautiful items are made in Mexico and other latin american counties. Most of the purses from Mexico are basic in design where as the purses coming under the category of prison art and tramp art very often are more elaborate in design. Most of the ones I have seen from Mexico will feature a zipper closure and a simple base. the prison art and tramp art purses will most often not have a zipper on them and a feature a hand made woven candy wrapper closure and a closing flap on top. Many of the prison art purses were made in prison and the prisoners had to use what was available to them. Quite often they used cigarette packages to make the purses. The prisoners used what they had a lot of, time. As a result the detail in some the prison art purses can be incredible.

Here are some examples of the Modern mexican and latin american bags:

Here are some examples of the prison art pieces

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