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Letter of Clarification This letter is to clarify my actions and intentions regarding the fullfillment of my MSR agreement with UDA. On 8/20/01 you informed me that due to the fact that I did not meet the goal of 800 DAs per week and did not have any deals set up to come in soon, that it would be necessary to reduce my weekly draw of $500. The only figures discussed, as I recall, were in the range of $250 to $300 per week. I told you that I would need to think about it and after reviewing my financial situation let you know if I could meet my financial obligations on $250-$300 per week draw. I Expressed at that time that I would need to review the contract to consider your offer. That afternoon after speaking to your assistant, Paul, for an hour, I told him that I needed to go home and review my situation and the contract and would like to meet with you in the morning (8/21/01). On 8/21/01 I arrived at the office at 8:15 am and met with you later that morning. During our meeting I told you that you that I would like a clarification of the MSR contract and all of my obligations under the contract because I had read it and did not fullly understand it.You indicated that Dallas handled all decisions about the contract and that I could check back with you later to find out what my obligations will be. I said in light of the fact that no one in the office had consistently reached the goal of 800 DAs per week, that to continue on the draw at $250-$300 per week would probably lead to me being more behind in DAs in the future. I indicated to you that I did not think it would work out under those conditions. We shoke hands and I thanked you for the opportunity of working for UDA. On Wednesday 8/22/01, Carmen informed me that there might be a possibility of a space being available in the kitchen to make sales calls from because my desk had been given to someone else. She indicated that I would be able to come in an work on reducing my DA deficit. On Thursday morning I left a message on Cory's answering machine saying that I would like to come in Friday of this week and 2-3 days next week To make calls. I indicated that I was willing to do so without draw. I wanted you to know that I am still open to this possibility because it will allow me to reduce the deficit on my DA account. I will be able to do this until I find employment. I would be happy to look for my own leads at home and use those leads in calling. If it is possible for me to come in an work will be happy to do so if it is not I will understand. Thanks Marcellus Kitchens