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Universal Directory Assistance provides dependable directory assistance at the rate of 49 cents per call for both local and national calls. Please check your phone bill to see if your are paying a higher rate. Usually the rate for national directory assistance calls will run higher than the rate for local calls (in some cases as high as $2.00 per call). Since deregulation, you no longer have to pay the higher rates charged by the phone company. if you place more than 60 directory assistance calls per month you could qualify for our low rate of 49 cents per directory assistance call (local and national).


Our Company is part of Directory Assistance net work. We are affilated with Excell corp. They have been providing directory assistance sevice Nationwide to major corporations for more than a decade. Excell handles % of all directory assistance calls in the United States.


In order to get started you will need to know how many directory assistance calls you place each month. We usually look at 3 months of bills to determine what kind of discount you qualify for. when you get that information together send our fax it to us. we will then call you and let you know how much of a discount you can look forward to. After reviewing your phone bills we will send you a contract for service. The contract is a simple one page document that locks in the price per directory assistance call that we quoted you. There is a 50$ start up fee. And there is a 50$ per month minimum fee. After you send in the agreement we will give you a 800 number that you will use for all of your directory assistance calls. It generally takes your telephone rep less than 5 minutes to re-route the directory assistance calls in your office to our service. You will need someone who is familar with your phone system.


We are located On Mansel road in Atlanta Georgia our telephone #, our fax# is .You can also email us at